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Pear Tree Mead Academy

Pear Tree Mead Academy

Supporting Children


We want all children with additional needs are successful at Pear Tree Mead.

Mrs Thurgood (Inclusion Manager) amd Mrs Taylor (Assistant SENDCo)  work together with Mrs Littlechild (PCLC Primary Inclusion Leader) to work with pupils, staff and families to support children with additional needs.  They also work as part of the school’s Family Support Team.

Mrs Thurgood run’s individual and group interventions for identified children and work alongside Mrs Mead to run Gym Trail.

At Pear Tree Mead all children who are receiving additional support have an Individual Learning Plan through our online provision map EduKey.  This is used by all staff, parents and pupils to support their next steps.  Each term we meet to complete One Plan Reviews to ensure that each pupil is supported fully.

The school has Intervention Learning Support Assistants in each phase to support children with gaps in their learning. All classes in the school have access to intervention spaces in the school -including the blossom room, rainbow room and the Oasis room.  Mrs Thurgood run individual interventions for identified children and work alongside Mrs Cooper to run Gym Trail.  

We also have a small nurture group (run in the hive) that runs in the afternoons and the NEST which is a room that children can use when they need to regulate their emotions.  We have two lunch time clubs which are run in the Oasis room and the Hive for children who may need extra support at lunchtimes.  Clubs are usually invitation only, but children can also request to attend and often choose a friend to come with them. 

Children may need other support as well as SEND support.  This may be having EAL (English as an additional language) or needing some more emotional support via our FST (Family Support Team) or families may need support with parenting concerns or foodbank vouchers.  Some children can be identified as Young Carers.  This can include a referral to an external support and we offer support within school.

A Young Carer is a child under 18 who regularly looks after someone in their family or a friend who is ill, disabled, or has a mental health problem or an addiction. 

Children may engage in: 

  • Shopping, cooking, cleaning 

  • Managing medicines or money 

  • Providing personal care 

  • Helping get people out of the house 

  • Keeping an eye on someone 

  • Providing emotional support 

Pear Tree Mead Academy can support young carers.   We raise awareness of Young Carers so that we can all support anyone who needs it. 

For more information on the Essex Local Offer please follow this link;

Mrs Thurgood and Mrs Taylor are always happy to support you, or a family member with any queries.  

All contact will be treated in the strictest of confidence. 

You can also view any additional information by clicking on the links below:-