Leaf Crowns

A crown fit for a King!!

Today was our first visit to the forest. The session was all about exploring and we began with some forest detective work. We used some collecting bowls to find things in the forest. We found lots and lots of leaves, conkers, sticks, bark and feathers. During the session there was lots of conversation about seeds, changes to the trees and plants through the seasons, hibernation and minibeasts.

We saw a robin, spider webs, lots of minibeasts and we tried to look for our resident squirrel called Stanley. The group were keen to see the fox den and were careful not to disturb it.

We collected lots of leaves and the children made lovely leaf crowns by gluing and sticking the leaves onto card.

At the end of the session everyone was invited to collect something to remind them of their first session in the forest.

Stick Friends

Making Friends!!

Today we explored the forest and talked about how it has changed. The children noticed that the leaves had fallen off from the trees and that some of the bushes were dying back. We talked about the different seasons and what happens in each. We reviewed our forest school rules and played ‘Hide and Seek’; the children were encouraged to find unusual places to hide.

We read the story of ‘The Stick Man’ and talked about the book. The children went off to collect a stick; they described their stick, give it a name and say what it liked doing in the forest.

The children went off to explore again, some decided to build a large pretend fire for their stick to sit around and keep warm until the children returned next time.

At the end of the session everyone was invited to collect something to remind them of their session.

Using Tools at Forest School – Loppers

Making our own Stick Man!!!!

Today we looked at the trees and noticed that the new buds were forming on the branches. All of the leaves have gone from the trees and the children thought that the trees might be cold because of this.

We reviewed our rules and played ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘1 2 3’ Where are you?

We talked about the story ‘Stick Man’ and the children decided they wanted to make their own. We talked about how to use the loppers to cut sticks. The children collected sticks and using the loppers, cut them to the length they wanted. They chose bits of material to wrap round their stick to represent clothes and added googly eyes. They used the name for there stick from the previous lesson and told the adult what their stick liked doing in the forest. The finish sticks will be displayed on the forest school board.

At the end of the session everyone was invited to collect something to remind them of their session.


Making Pictures

Art from natural material!!

This week it was extremely cold in the forest. There was a light frost on the ground and the children enjoyed looking at the frozen leaves, grass and spider webs.

We played ‘Hide and Seek’ and a game where the children had to run around; the adult said stop and gave an instruction where the children had to pretend to do something.

We talked about all the natural things that we have found on the forest floor over the weeks. The children had to make a piece of art using the natural things they found. We reviewed the rules about using sticks and picking things from the trees and bushes. The children set off in groups to make a picture on the floor. There was much discussion, team work, imagination and collecting of natural material. The results were fantastic; some had made houses, reindeer and a rocket.

The children were invited to collect something to remind them of their session.


Clay Patterns

Patterns from forest school finds!!!

The weather was awful today. It was raining and chilly, but that did not put the children off going down to the forest. We played ‘Forest Freeze’ to keep warm. The children noticed that the leaves on the ground had changed colour to a dark brown mush.

We revised our stick rule and talked about all the forest finds we had collected over the weeks. We looked at the patterns on the different objects. The children went off and collected natural items they found interesting. They talked about why they had collected them and showed the pattern to the rest of the group. Lots of different natural items were collected by the children; sticks, leaves, ferns, conkers and bark.

We went back to our classroom, the children selected an item they wanted to press into the clay to make their pattern. The clay discs will be displayed by our Forest School board.

Using Tools at Forest School – Hand Held Drills

The forest has taken a hit from the storm this week. Mrs Wade and myself checked the trees to make sure they were safe. One of the trees was unsecure and I managed to push it over to the amusment of the children.

We played some forest school games and revised our rules. We looked at the trees to see if any changes had occured. The children noticed that the budds had grown and some of the leaves had opened on the other trees.

We talked about how to use hand held drills safelyand the children practiced drilling holes into wooden discs.


Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing!!!!

The weather today in the forest was much brighter and no wind. We played forest school games and talked about the plants growing around the area. They learnt how to recognised stinging nettles and bramble bushes. The children were very excited to climb the trees today. We talked about the rules of climbing trees and how we should respect them as they are living things.

The children were encouraged to take risks and to climb as high as they wanted too. The children loved climbing trees and wanted to do it again soon.


Using Tools – Bow Saw

The forest has changed so much this week. The children noticed that it was much darker and they put this down to the leaves coming out on the trees and the bushes growing much taller. We talked about what trees, flowers and bushes need to grow. After all the rain we had yesterday the forest is still very dry, the children said it was because the trees sheltered the ground.

We talked about the plants that grew in our forest and the children can now recognise what a stinging nettle and brambles looks like.

We played various games. The children learnt about the different parts of the bow saw and were shown how to use the bow saw safely. Each child took it in turns to cut a log in half with Mrs McCombie. We saved the logs for fire making next term.

The children had the opportunity to build, use the swing and have their own child initative play.