Children’s Important Jobs at PTM

We are pleased to announce the Year 6 jobs for this year.  All the children who wished to apply wrote a letter and attended an interview with the Senior Leadership Team.

The school council have been chosen in each class through a class vote.

All children will receive their special badges.  Lost badges can be replaced at the office for a small cost if necessary.


Pupil Leadership Team

Head Boy –

Head Girl –

Deputy Head Boy –

Deputy Head Girl –

House Captains

Poppy –

Daffodil –

Clover –

Bluebell –

Assembly Support

PTM Support Team

House Point Collector

Sports Rep

School Council

Elm –

Fir –

Hazel –

Juniper –

Lavender –

Mulberry –

Oak –

Pine –

Redwood –

Sycamore –

Willow –

Yew –