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Pear Tree Mead Academy

Pear Tree Mead Academy


Christine Peden – Headteacher

Office Expiry: Ex-Officio

As well as becoming the Headteacher in September 2014, I gained a place on the Governing Body of the school.  The Governors have the potential to implement real and exciting changes within the school.

Having always strived to be the best teacher I can be, I feel privileged to now be in a position, as part of a team that will determine the best direction for the school, ensuring that we are always seeking the very best for the children in our care and helping prepare them for their future.


Linda Blackburn

Office Expiry:01/01/2028

My Name is Linda Blackburn.  Due to my skills in Health and Safety through my training during my career, I am appointed as the responsible Governor for Health and Safety.  I also oversee the monitoring for the new OPAL Play scheme.

Now retired, but having had a long history in the  food industry as a business manager, my work saw me connected to schools regularly.  Many years ago, I started out in catering in schools, so have a good idea of the hard work staff put in to school life, to make it is an exciting and safe place for children to thrive in.

As my children are now grown up and have children of their own (I have 6 Grandchildren in total), I thought now would be a good time to devote some of my time into giving a little back in to the community.  I have a keen interest in education matters.  Two of my daughters work in education and my eldest Granddaughter is a teacher.  My personal interests also include keeping fit and reading, which I am sure will come in handy with the many school policies to read!

I am looking forward to seeing what the year ahead has in store for the Local Governing body and look forward to working as part of the PCLC trust. 


Doreen Smith

Office Expiry: 01/01/2028

My name is Doreen Smith and I was first elected to the Board of Governors in September 2019 as a Community Governor.

My interest in education started when my own children first attended school.  I joined various schools associations and was asked to become a Parent Governor.  I was eventually elected to be Chair of Governors.

I now have two wonderful grandchildren, one of whom attends Pear Tree Mead and feel it is time to rekindle my interest in education again.

I believe that a good education is the foundation for everything we do in life.  I feel that Pear Tree Mead embraces this philosophy whole heartedly and hope that by working with staff, pupils and parents I can maintain and if possible enhance the good work done by the school.

Outside of this my interests are travel (predominantly to the USA), cooking, crosswords and keeping fit.


Rebecca Harvey

Office Expiry: 1/1/2028

My name is Rebecca Harvey and I’ve joined the Board of Governors as a Parent Governor.I am now in my second year appointed as the Chair of Governors. 

I have a son who loves attending Pear Tree Mead and am very keen to work with and support the rest of the Governing Body and Staff at Pear Tree Mead.

I’m very passionate about education and am a qualified Secondary school Teacher of Music.  I have worked in Essex Schools since 2005 and at points in my career have had the pleasure of working closely with the Governors at my schools.  I’m now eager to use this experience and my knowledge of education in my role as a Parent Governor.

In my free time I enjoy reading, going for long walks and playing music.


Charlene Brettell        

Office Expiry: 1/1/2028

 My name is Charlene Brettell and I have joined the Board of Governors as a parent Governor.

I have a son that attends Pear Tree Mead and have a daughter who is a year and a half, that I also hope will join the school when old enough.

I have many years ahead with my children attending Pear Tree Mead and am extremely happy to be able to give my time and input into the education of mine and other children.

I currently work in Healthcare as a Care Assistant, and this is something I love.

I have previous experience in childcare and have worked in an early year’s setting, which I enjoyed very much, and am very keen to be involved in education again.

I am also a qualified hairdresser, and have enjoyed doing this for many years, I still enjoy doing hair for friends and family.

I love to work with people and enjoy being creative.

My son loves attending Pear Tree Mead, and the progress he has made since attending the school has been amazing.


Yvonne Turner

Office Expiry: 1/1/2028

My name is Yvonne. I have worked in education for over 20 years. Primarily as a science teacher and in school leadership.  Originally from Zimbabwe, I have worked in numerous settings, including outdoor education and SEN schools, across various counties in the UK before settling in the marginally sunnier south.  Having left the traditional school setting to work in EdTech, I continue to have a vested interest in the education sector and supporting the incredible work that goes on in and out of the classroom – I am joining as a parent governor with 3 children currently in the school.  In my spare time I make the most of the outdoors with my children, try to keep up with programming languages and plan my next holiday in search of sunshine.


Damy Johnson

Office Expiry: 1/1/2028


If you would be interested in finding out more about becoming a Governor or what the Local  Governing Body do, please make an appointment to meet with the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors. The Governing Body meets 4 times per year. 

Governance Diversity

 The value of a diverse workforce and school leadership is clear. Diversity within schools is valuable in fostering social cohesion and most importantly, in supporting pupils to grow and develop in an environment of visible, diverse role models.

Our Governing Board, upon induction, complete confidential diversity questionnaires that ensure the board remains diverse and equal.

We have identifed the diversity in our Governing Board as :

1 governor is in the 30-40 age bracket

3 are in the 40-55 age range

And 2 are in the 70 plus bracket

There are currently 2 white British, 2 white English, 1 African and 1 White-other member

PTM Governing Body Reports

Please see below the lastest Governors statement 22-23 


Trustees Report and Financial Statements

A report is now available to view in a PDF format regarding the schools' financial statements and trustee report.  Click on the link below to download.