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Pear Tree Mead Academy

Pear Tree Mead Academy


Behaviour Policy and School Expectations

At Pear Tree Mead we help all the children to grow so that they can reach the branches to their future.

To achieve this vision, we base everything we do around making sure that we help children grow.  If a plan does not help us get closer to our vision, then we won’t do it.

We have three behaviour expectations at Pear Tree Mead





Children receive recognition for working above and beyond expected behaviour and effort. We have a structured behaviour system where children can be recognised for exemplary behaviour towards our 3 expectations or for reaching (or striving towards) each branch on the tree (achieving the skill).

Positive notes – this is a certificate that is given to a child when they have shown behaviour that is ‘above and beyond’ – this is for them to take home. Positive notes home are also given to visitors to the school, who have the opportunity to give then to a pupil if they see exemplary behaviour. To ensure fairness, children can achieve sections of their positive notes over time i.e. one week achieve a quarter, following week another quarter until they have a complete note – this supports pupils that find consistency a challenge.

Positive phone call home – Each positive note home is recorded on the class recognition chart. When pupils have enough positive notes home, they will receive a phone call home! Further notes home will amount to them being invited to a ‘hot chocolate session’ run by the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher, where children will have a little hot chocolate treat and time with the leaders of the school. When attending, children can also collect a Headteachers award!

Headteachers Awards are also awarded for hard work, excellent homework and exceptional effort in class.  They bring their work to show the headteacher.  


The children are arranged in house teams and can earn points for their house. The houses are linked to the PCLC houses. These are Unicorn, Griffin, Dragon and Lion . House points are given out with a maximum of 5 at each occasion. House points are given out for trying hard in class, effort in homework, participating in class etc.  A special treat is organised for the winning team each half term.  House events will take place during the year, including sports day.