Welcome Back to 2020 / 2021 Academic Year!

Thank you for your continued support and patience with us as we open the whole school for children. All the staff have been overwhelmed with all the kind words and supportive actions from families and the community. It worked better this morning with our new one-way system and the flow of the school was much safer.  Please do ask if you have any questions.

I spoke to all the classes in our first ‘virtual assembly’ this morning.  I said to the children I was so pleased to have the ‘heart’ of our school back and hear it beating in classrooms and on the playground.

A few reminders as we move into our first full week back.

School Drop off and Pick up

  • Follow the one-way system around the school.  Please do not go against the flow as this will result in face to face contact.
  • Only 1 parent to come to school with their child.
  • Siblings will not be allowed to other classrooms as this will mean cross bubbling. Parents will have to collect all their children from the classrooms.
  • The only children that are allowed to depart their classrooms independently are Y5 and Y6 children that have completed the ‘walking home from school’ letter on the APP.
  • Stand behind the red line when outside classes and maintain this distance when talking to a member of staff.
  • Social distance from each other as parents.
  • Leave the school ground promptly after dropping off and pick up.
  • Please do not enter the school grounds until your allotted time.
  • Do not cut across the Nursery / Reception Garden – please walk round.
  • Follow the signs and arrows around the school to maintain the new direction system.
  • Breakfast Club will drop off via the pink route on the map.


School Kit

  • Please help your child to be prepared for school every day, checking they have all their belongings.
  • Please only send your child in with you need.  Lunch, reading book, book bag and coats.
  • Please do not send your child with pencil cases or school resources. These are provided within school.
  • Please clean your child’s lunchbox daily.
  • Children are allowed to bring in their own hand sanitizer and it will need to be used independently and responsibility. If this is not the case, then it may have to be removed.
  • Please leave your PE kit at school unless you have been told they need to wear it on PE days.
  • If your child forgets something – please bring it to the school office, labelled and place it in the box outside the office.  (Please do not enter the main office reception). Please make sure your item is named and has the class on it.
  • Please donate any unwanted school uniform in the box outside the Main Office.
  • If you need to enter the building, please wear a mask correctly.


School Communication

Thank you for working with us with regards to the new school app – with any new product there will be some teething problems!  Please bear with us and hopefully things will get sorted soon.  Please do register and download the app.

  • From today the FOPTM page will not have queries answered by staff and may not be posted if repeated.
  • Please call the school with any questions.
  • Please do not enter the school building unless you have an appointment, or it is something that cannot be dealt with on the phone.
  • Please do contact the school if you need any support.  We will follow our communication flow chart to point you in the direction of the best person to help you.


Together, with these adjustments we can really make this new way of schooling work! I am so proud of the resilience that everyone in our school community has shown and know that we will continue to support each other through the ever-changing situation.


Mrs Peden