School Closure from 4th January 2021

The government announced yesterday (30th December 2020) that all primary schools in Harlow will remained closed as of 4th January 2021. The school will only be open for Critical worker and vulnerable children and this will be available from Tuesday 5th January 2021. We will send out a separate letter about this, to follow today. (please read this if you think your child will qualify to attend school during this period of school closure.)

This letter is to outline what will happen for children who will need to stay at home during this period. At present this is up until the 18th January although it is up for review by the government so we will keep you informed as we learn of any changes to this.

During this period of school closure we will provide remote learning for all the children who have been asked to stay at home via parentmail and our school website. This will be ready for your child to start on the morning of Tuesday 5th January.


Pre- School and Nursery

There is a daily expectation for your child to complete the following:

• Sharing a story (10 minutes)

• Physical activity (10 minutes)

• A phonics play session (10 minutes)

• A handwriting session (10 minutes)

• A session based on the book from the PowerPoint (20 minutes)

Resulting in the child completing five sessions about the book as well as five physical, phonics, reading and handwriting practice session across the week. As a parent, you can choose when these sessions take place, however the sessions must be completed in sequence.


There is a daily expectation for your child to complete the following:

• Daily phonic session (10 minutes)

• Physical activity (10 minutes)

• A reading task (10 minutes)

• Fine Motor skills task (10 minutes)

• A spelling task (10 minutes)

• A maths task (10 minutes)

• A small world task (10 minutes)

• A non core task (10 minutes)

Resulting in the child completing five maths and spelling sessions, five physical, non core, small world, phonics, reading and handwriting practice session across the week. As a parent, you can choose when these sessions take place, however the sessions must be completed in sequence.

Year 1 – 6

There is a daily expectation for your child to complete the following:

• Times Table Rockstars (10 minutes)

• Reading (10 minutes)

• Spelling (10 minutes)

• Physical activity (10 minutes)

• An English session (40-60 minutes)

• A maths session (40-60 minutes)

• A non-core subject session (40-60minutes)

Resulting in the child completing five maths sessions, five English sessions, five non-core sessions as well as five physical, spelling, reading and times table practice session across the week. As a parent, you can choose when these sessions take place, however both English and maths must be taught in sequence.

For children with SEND we will be providing personalised work for them and they should complete this. This will be sent to you via parentmail.


To access the work that you need, visit our website at Under the ‘KidsZone’ section, select the thumbnail ‘Bubble Closure’ then click on your child’s year group (week one) PowerPoint which, when opened, will navigate you through 5 days learning tasks. There will be a further PowerPoint (week 2) for the following 5 days isolation.

Additional work can also be accessed in the KidsZone section on the website under ‘Home Learning’. This can be completed if you finish the work on the powerpoint.

For teachers to keep track of their pupils learning at home and to provide feedback, we have class email addresses which can be used to submit work – this will be your child’s class name followed by eg

Parents must email teachers to let share the work the children have been completing. This can be photos, word documents or just a written email. This is important so that we know what your child is doing during this period of school closure. This is a daily expectation to email the teacher and we will be following up with parents who are not sending in work.

This line of communication is not to be used for any other purpose than home learning. Teachers will be checking this email daily and will respond in a timely manor. Teachers will only respond between the hours of 9am-3pm in the working week and will not respond at weekends or within holiday periods. Teachers will not respond to any other communication outside the directive of home learning, so please do not email for other purposes.

During the two weeks you will receive a phone call weekly from your child’s class teacher. They will want to chat to you about how the home learning is going and will speak to your child.

If you received a phone call from someone else during the last school closures this will also happen this time if we feel that this is needed. This may be a phone call from Miss Bartlett our Family Liaison Officer, Mrs Thurgood our Assistant SENDCo or one of our Learning mentors – Miss Cooper or Mrs Williams.

Our school phone calls may come from a withheld number – please do pick up as we would like to find out how you and your child are doing. Non contact with a family could result in a home visit.


A. While you are waiting for the home learning packs to be created by staff we would ask that you prepare you and your child for their two weeks of home learning.

· Set up a space for your child to work in. Gather any resources that you may need for home learning.

· Agree the routine and expectations of home learning in your house. Maybe make a timetable, add in breaks and exercise and agree on timings. These need to fit around your home routine and parents also needing to work at home and complete household jobs.

· Make sure you can login to all of the home learning programmes, bug club, readiwrite, busy things, numberbots, time table rock stars etc. We have sent out reminders of logins and they can be found in your child’s reading record book.

· Please email the class email address if you have any home learning queries about logins etc.

· Spend some time completing the first day of online learning – as set out in the expectations above. E.g. readiwrite, numberbots or TTRS.

· Support your child to spend some time completing some writing or drawings about the Christmas break. Recap on a special memory of the holidays, write a diary about what they have been up to, share a present that they got for Christmas or write about an activity that they completed in the holidays (like a Winter walk) When your child has completed this please send it to the class email address so that your child’s teacher can look at it.

· Please contact the school if you know that you will have some problems with using the online Oak Academy site for home learning. This would be if you have no device at home for your child to use. We have a very small number of laptops to lend to families. Please email Mrs Townsend if you feel that you would want to apply for one of these devices. We are in the process of applying for more, but I don’t think these will arrive in time for these two weeks

of home learning. We can also provide some resources for families but only if they do not have screen access.


A. If your child is entitled to free school meals and you received a voucher over the Christmas break then you are entitled to a free school lunch. Our school kitchen will be providing these care packages for you.

Ingredient – FOR 2 WEEK Quantity

Jacket potato 4

Baked Beans 2 can

Coronet Cheese portions 8

Fletcher’s bread (Wht) 2 loaves

Tin tuna (185g) 2 tins

Long life yogurt 4

Carrot 4 carrots

Fresh fruit 6

Tomatoes 6

Cucumber 2

Soup – heinz – chicken or vegetable 2

We have to order these in and you will be able to come and pick one up when they have arrived at school. You will receive one of these packages that will cover the two weeks that the children are at home.

If you would like a package please email Mrs Deller to let her know that you would like one by Sunday 3rd January.

We will send you a message to let you know when you can collect your care package. This should be by Thursday 8th January for the two weeks.

We hope that this outlines the expectations of home learning over the next two weeks. We know that this is another daunting time for parents and children alike. Home learning expectations are very different from the government this time then they were last time and so that is why we have changed the layout and work that we are setting. Please do email your child’s class teacher if you have any questions about what your child should be doing at home. Please as always be mindful of your child’s and your own mental health and please ask for any support that you may need.

Stay safe and we look forward to welcoming all the children back as soon as we can

Mrs Peden