A Message From The Headteacher

This half term started off very differently to how it ended.  We began the half term with most of the children at home working on their remote learning and we have ended it all back at school.

It has been wonderful to have the children back, they have settled in well and its great to see their smiley faces and their readiness to learn.  Our Family Support Team have been supporting any children who may have found the transition back to school tricky (Please do ask if you child is still struggling).  Last week the children took part in some formal assessments so that we could find out their gaps in learning and this will help us plan the lessons for the Summer term.  We have also completed in the last three weeks:- Mothers day crafts,  Young Carers Awareness day, Red Nose day, our whole school dance, zoom assemblies, wellbeing sessions, science week, zones lessons,  Easter activities including crafts and a bunny hunt, rock band has restarted, our book give away, the FOPTM Easter trail and of course lots of learning and having fun with our friends.

We were so proud of the children who had to attend school during the lockdown and those children who worked so hard on their remote learning at home.  Thank you to the parents who supported their children with this and sent work into the teachers for them to look at.  We have enjoyed looking at this work when the children have bought it into school since returning.   The staff have put together a range of work that the children have completed during lockdown and this can be found here:- https://www.peartreemead.essex.sch.uk/kidszone/lockdown-pupil-celebrations/.   Please have a look at some of their wonderful work!

I would like to thank parents for supporting the school guidelines on safety around the site.  Most parents have been very supportive and have followed the rules of the one-way, social distancing, leaving the site promptly and mask wearing.  This will continue after Easter even as the mixing  rules relax slightly.  Please make sure that to keep yourselves, your children, and the staff safe that you continue to follow the government rules on mixing over the Easter break and beyond.  Sadly,  we have had a handful of parents who have decided not to follow the rules and then have been rude to staff when they are challenged.  This isn’t acceptable.  Anyone found being rude to staff  will be spoken to and this may lead to that parent being banned from school site.  I will not  tolerate abusive behaviour towards me or my staff.

We wish you all a very happy Easter and hope that the weather is nice so that we can enjoy some time outdoors.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Peden

Head Teacher