Homework Extended Learning – Mathematics







These are extension activities/tasks that you can do when you would like extra Maths homework, or in the event you are sent home to self-isolate, but otherwise well. You can also use past Home Learning Packs for extra homework if you would like, these can be found under the ‘Home Learning’ section.

All activities are for all age groups.


Please choose from the following:


Create your own board game using the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Build a tower out of paper, that stands over a meter tall, without anything supporting it

Build a bridge which can hold a kg weight from resources you can find around the home (ask your parents/carers what you can use)

Make 2 sets of number cards 1-50 and play snap with a family member or friend

Create cards with each times-table on to help you remember them

Make up your own times table song

When you next go out, see how many shapes you can see and create a tally chart, can you put your results into a table and plot a bar chart?

Create an alphabet ‘code-breaking activity’ for a member of your family- A=1, B=2 etc (For example: Question 1) 1 x 1 = 1=A)

Create a timetable of your week to help you organise your time!

You have been chosen to go on a secret mission and must travel to places around the world. Research time differences across the world and create a table listing at least 10 countries and the time difference between each one and the UK.

Create a mini-sport’s day at home by getting members of your family to complete fun activities. Time each activity and award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Create a presentation about how to do one of the four operations and present it to your family.

Pick a selection of super-heroes (for example) and write them down. Ask each member of your family to pick their favourite one and draw a table and then a bar chart to show the results

Pick a drawing of your favourite character. You must then describe how to draw that character to a member of your family, without telling them who it is! Remember to use your knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes, directions and angles

What’s your favourite number? Choose a digit from 1-9 and bring it to life! You can write a story, song, rap or poem about it!

Can you find ways of getting numbers 1-12 using only 2,0,1,9 and the 4 operations?

Can you find ways of getting numbers 1-12 using only 2,0,1,9 and the 4 operators?