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Literacy Trust  – A range of ideas for all age groups

Pilkey  – meet an author and explore his work and activities

World of David Walliams  – meet an author and explore his work and activities

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School Readers Storytime Weekly stories for all ages in Reception, KS1 and KS2. Below shows various activities and resources you can get access to below by each week.


Week One

The Ravenous Beast Activities

One is a Snail Activities

Our House Activities


Week Two

Baby Brains Activities

Into the Forest Activities

Braining down the Mon Activities


Week Three

Winston the Wolf Activities


Week Four

Aaaaargh, Spider! Activities

Cyril and Pat Activities

Highway Rat Activities


Week Five

Peace at Last Activities

Spells Activity


Week Six

Tiddler Activities

The Last Noo Noo Activity


Week Seven

The Misadventures of Frederick Activities


Week Eight

The Magic Paintbrush Activity


Week Nine

Click, Clack, Moo – Cows That Type Activities


Story Time with Nick Cannon  – Weekly stories provided by Ruth Miskib Training. You can click on the stores below:

12/06/2020 – There’s a Snake in my School

09/06/2020 – The Fisherman and the Fairy

05/06/2020 – Hugless Douglas

03/06/2020  – There Is No Dragon In This Story

02/06/2020 – Ant and the Grasshopper

29/05/2020 – Ravi’s Roar

18/05/2020 – Lost & Found

18/05/2020 – The Elves and the Shoemaker

15/05/2020- Mog the Forgetful Cat

14/05/2020 – Gecko’s Echo

12/05/2020 – The Enormous Turnip

07/05/2020 – Ruby’s Worry

05/05/2020 – The King Who Wanted to Touch the Moon

.01/05/2020 – How to be a Viking

30/04/2020 – I Want Two Birthdays!

28/04/2020 – Goldilocks and The Three Bears

24/04/2020 – The Day the Crayons Quit

23/04/2020 – Perfectly Normal

21/04/2020 – The Ugly Duckling

17/04/2020 – Cottonwool Colin


Stories Read by Staff at Pear Tee Mead

We want to give the children the best experience possible when it comes to reading and story telling. Stories comes in many formats and one of them is audio books. Please see below stories read by members of staff at Pear Tree Mead to enjoy!



The Children’s Poetry Archive  – Weekly poetry

Essex Libraries  – Download free Disney comics and books to tablets

cbeebies Radio – Books

Oxford Owl  – free online books

Scholastic  – Kids book club


Video Stories

See below some fantastic visual stories by these great authors tp choose from.

The Reluctant Hero

Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen 


We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen


The Smartest Giant In Town by Julia Donaldson


Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson

The Ravenous Beast by Niamh Sharkley 

One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab by April Pulley Sayre and Jeff Sayre

This Is Our House by Michael Rosen 




Phonics Play – Free phonics resources


Julia Donaldson Books – Weekly Activities (KS1):






A Message from Essex Library Services:

Essex Library Services are bringing our popular rhymetimes, story times and crafts online with videos featuring our library stars from across Essex. Families can enjoy sharing stories, join in with actions and sing along to favourite nursery rhymes, and be inspired to build, craft and create. We’ll share these children’s videos on Twitter and Facebook throughout the week. You’ll find links to any rhymetime and story time or any craft time you may have missed on our website. For more information read the full story on our website.



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White Rose Maths – free resources for all year groups



National Sports Week at Home!

Parents and children – a week of fun resources and challenges which you are able to complete at home! No specialised equipment is required and the videos will explain each challenge. Active Essex will release each challenge on a daily basis throughout the week, so keep checking every day. You can access this using the following link:


Active Essex – A link to the Active Essex website with ideas and videos on how to keep active when you are at home. This includes active videos with the family, gentle exercise, high energy and well-being.

Your School Games  – The school games website is a video based platform which releases new work outs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Children can download the app, submit their best videos and gain feedback from them. Points are earned and prizes can be earned.

BBCbitesize – This is the KS2 BBC bitesize website for PE. There is adventure and outdoor activities, dance, exercise and nutrition.

BBCbitesize – This is the KS1 BBC bitesize website for PE. There is dance, exercise and nutrition, balance, co-ordination and fine control activities on there for children to work on.

Fitness Marshall The fitness marshall has lots of different dances, to many different songs on his channel. They are fun and engaging for children to stay active.

PE and Sport


PawPrint Family – ideas for all the family

RedTed Art – For all ages

Guggenheim – view collections and art online

Arts and Culture – view art from around the world

Salvador Dali – view some collections from the museum

Museivaticani – a tour of some amazing collections



Young Redwings – horses

Woodland Trust – nature activities for families outside.

The kids should see this  – science based images and videos to watch and explore.

Natgeo kids  – all ages and range of videos and games.

Science Museum  – games and activities from the museum



Blockly Games  – programming and de bugging

Scratch  – creating animations and stories to share

On-line Safety– Support for parents and children

Online Safety – Staying Safe Online – Think u know



In Tune with Essex Music Education Hub – range of resources

















Schools Bulletin – A resource to help families through the COVID-19 pandemic. PSHE resources and activities

For any children who are worrying about the current situation, please take a look at this story…

In It Together eBook  Twinkl

Oxford Reading

Coronavirus information for children. This may be helpful for parents to use to support your child(rens) understanding.

Child Mind

Animated story 

Childrens Commissioner

CoronaVirus – A book for children

Talking to children about coronavirus – The British Psychological Society

Zones of Regulation Home Learning Ideas



Design and Technology 

Theo Cooks  – Cooking demonstrations live!

Design and Technology


World Geography Games  – Geography games for year 1-6 and beyond!



Modern Foreign Languages 

EAL games and activities

British Council

Fun English Games

ESL Games Plus

ESL Games Plus Sentence Monkey

Games to Learn English

Games and Activities

Hello World

Games Ville

BBC Learning English

EAL YouTube links

YouTube Link 1

YouTube Link 2

YouTube Link 3

YouTube Link 4

DuoLingo – To learn new languages or polish up on languages you are already learning!

Modern Foreign Language


Big History Project – Ideas for families to sign up to

NHM – free tours and activities

Natural History – free tours and activities

The History of the Tower of London