Homework Extended Learning – English







These are extension activities/tasks that you can do when you would like extra English homework, or in the event you are sent home to self-isolate, but otherwise well. You can also use past Home Learning Packs for extra homework if you would like, these can be found under the ‘Home Learning’ section.

All activities are for all age groups.


Please choose from the following:



Describe the main character from your book

Write an alternative ending for your book

Illustrate a part of the story the way you imagine it to be

Write a book review

If you were to write a sequel, what would the story line be?

Write the blurb for your book

Write a letter to the author of your book, outlining what you liked about it

Make a list of at least 3 new titles that you think would be a better title for your reading book. Highlight the one you like the best and explain why.

Make an advertisement or poster to help sell your book. Include a snappy slogan and include relevant information!

Fold a piece of paper into 4 and make a comic strip of your reading book- pick the 4 main parts.

Create a new character for the book. Sketch a picture and write a description of this new character.

Find words in the text that follow the same phonics/spelling rules. Make a list of these.

Draw a picture of the setting in the book.

Draw the main character from a book you have recently read. Show them as a baby, middle aged and as an older person. Underneath each picture write what you think they might be doing at that point of their life, and explain why they may be doing so. For example, if you drew Harry Potter as a baby, he might be casting spells on his mum to feed him lots of yummy food.

Select a character from a book and consider what might be a good job for them. Write a letter from the perspective of this character and apply for a position. Be sure to explain why your character would be great employee and what special skills they would possess to make them ideal for the role. Really sell you character explaining all the great attributes they possess.

Using speech bubbles and pictures of the characters, draw a conversation between two characters from the story you have been reading.

A genie lands in the midpoint of the story you have just read and grants the two main characters three wishes. What do they wish for and why?



Write your own story which includes an adventure – you could even illustrate it and create your own book to share with others

Become a news reporter – write down an interesting story to tell the world and record it if you can

Be a budding Shakespeare and create your own play script – include characters for each of your family, you never know they may act it out with you!

Look out of the window, what can you see, hear, smell, taste, touch – write a poem about the five senses

Become a commentator for a sporting event on TV (could be football), what would you say about the players skills? Write down your thoughts

Draw a picture of 10 different pieces of fruit or vegetables from around the world and label them using adjectives e.g. fresh, juicy pineapple. Don’t forget commas in your lists of adjectives!

Grab 5 toys or objects from around your house. Make up a story including all the objects.

Write the next episode for your favourite TV programme.

Create a leaflet about a place in the world you would like to visit/have visited.

Write a list poem about all the things that you like. Which adjectives and adverbs could you include? E.g. I like eating juicy, sweet strawberries

Write a traditional tale from another character’s point of view. E.g. Tell the three little pigs from the wolf’s perspective.

Write a set of exact instructions to explain how to play your favourite game.

One evening you go to your computer and accidentally press one of the keys you have never pressed before. Suddenly you are transported into a different time! Your task is to write about where you travel to, what the place is like, who you meet and how you manage to get home again.

Write a weather report. Can you use any adjectives?

If you were to become a superhero what would your superpower be? Write a character description of you as a superhero. Explain how you save the day.



Rainbow words – Firstly, write your spelling words in pencil. Trace over the words 5 times using a different coloured crayon/pencil each time

ABC – write out your spellings in alphabetical order

Across and down – Write each word across and down, sharing the same first letter







Acrostic poem – choose one of your spelling words, write an acrostic poem using that word. Illustrate your poem.

e.g. Sun

Summer is here

Under the rays

New flowers grow


Pyramid writing – pyramid write your spelling words







Fancy words – write out your spelling words using fancy writing. Your letters could be curly or dotty

Bubble words – write your spelling words in bubble letters. After you have written them, you can colour them in!

Blue vowels – write each of your spelling words. Trace the vowels in your words with a blue coloured pencil. Vowels: a e i o u

Make a word search using your spellings