School Governors / Board of Trustees

Christine Peden – Headteacher

Appointment: 01/09/2014.

As well as becoming the Headteacher in September 2014, I gained a place on the Governing Body of the school. The Governors have the potential to implement real and exciting changes within the school. Having always strived to be the best teacher I can be, I feel privileged to now be in a position, as part of a team that will determine the best direction for the school, ensuring that we are always seeking the very best for the children in our care and helping prepare them for their future.




Wendy Beckett – Chair of Governors 

Appointed by the full governing body: 18/09/2019

Office Expiry: 18/09/2024

My name is Wendy Beckett. I am a parent governor and this year, I am starting my fifth year as a governor at the school. I am delighted to be re-elected as Chair of Governors for the year ahead.

I was keen to get involved in the school when my daughter started here as a pupil. I wanted it somewhere that children could grow and thrive. She is now in her last year, and I still firmly believe that we (as a school) do this really well. I am always so proud of the pupils when I get the chance to visit them, and am very impressed at how well they behave, how well they speak and listen, and how interested and engaged in learning they are. They are a credit to both their parents and the school.

I sit on both of our sub-committees (FPA and PCC) so I get a thorough overview of all aspects of the school, and ensure that as a Governing Board, we provide solid challenge and support.

Outside of being a Governor, I am a working mum, working full-time in London. I enjoy making things – sewing, knitting, and even branching into spinning wool.



Julie Gallagher – Vice Chair 

Appointed by the full governing body: 18/09/2019

Office Expiry: 18/09/2024

Hello my name is Julie Gallagher and I am the Vice Chair of Governors and Safeguarding Governor.

I started as a parent Governor in 2015 and became a Community Governor in 2017. I have 2 sons who both attended Pear Tree Mead from nursery through to year 6 where they had many happy and rewarding experiences throughout their time here. I became a Governor as a way to support the school and ensure it continues to be a place that children feel safe, happy and eager to learn in.

I have worked for the London Ambulance Service for 24 years and I shall be using my skills from this in my role as Safeguarding Governor.




Stephanie Wise

Appointed by the full governing body: 23/10/2017

Office Expiry: 23/10/2021

I have been a Governor here at Pear Tree Mead for Two and half years. This year I became the vice chair of the Governing body and look forward to supporting Wendy Beckett in her new role as chair. I passionately believe that all children and young people have the right to the best education, where they get the best start in life and have aspirations to achieve their ambitions and can go on to exercise choice and control over their lives . Here at Pear Tree Mead all of the staff work incredibly hard to make sure that each and every child reach their full potential.




Linda Blackburn

Appointed by the full governing body: 16/09/2020

Office Expiry: 16/09/2024

My Name is Linda Blackburn I am community Governor for the school and  have nearly completed my first full term. Due to my skills in Health and Safety through my training during my career I am appointed as the responsible Governor for Health and Safety.I also oversee the Pupil Premium and Sports Premium expenditure.

Now retired, but having had a long history in the  food industry as a business manager, my work saw me connected to schools regularly. Many years ago, I started out in catering in schools, so have a good idea of the hard work staff put in to school life, to make it an exciting and safe place for children to thrive in.

As my children are now grown up and have children of their own (I have 6 Grandchildren in total) I thought now would be a good time to devote some of my time into giving a little back in to the community and have a keen interest in education matters.Two of my daughters work in education and my eldest Granddaughter is a teacher. My personal interests also include keeping fit and reading, which I am sure will come in handy with the many school policies to read!

I am looking forward to seeing what the year ahead has in store for the Governing body and look forward to working with the other Governors, especially our new Governor Doreen Smith, who I am mentoring, i look forward to showing her the ropes !




Sarah Martin

Appointed by the full governing body 12/09/2018

Office Expiry: 12/09/2022

Hello, I’m Sarah Martin.

This is my 13th year at Pear Tree Mead and I have been very fortunate to experience working in every key stage (although Early Years is my favourite). I have been a member of the Senior Leadership Team since 2008 and particularly enjoy my roles as Head of Early Years and SENDCo. I am passionate about creating the best start our children can have in their education. My favourite time of the week is when I see the Nursery and Reception children for my Early Years assembly where we enjoy singing songs, sharing stories and celebrating the children’s achievements.




Doreen Smith

Appointed by the full governing body:18/09/2019

Office Expiry: 18/09/2023

My name is Doreen Smith and I was elected to the board of governors in September 2019 as a Community Governor.

My interest in education started when my own children first attended school.  I joined various schools associations and was asked to become a Parent Governor.  I was eventually elected to be Chair of Governors.

I now have two wonderful grandchildren who attend Pear Tree Mead and feel it is time to rekindle my interest in education again.

I believe that a good education is the foundation for everything we do in life.  I feel that Pear Tree Mead embraces this philosophy whole heartedly and hope that by working with staff, pupils and parents I can maintain and if possible enhance the good work done by the school.

Outside of this my interests are travel (predominantly to the USA), cooking, crosswords and keeping fit.





Kim McCombie

Appointed by the full governing body:18/09/2019

Office Expiry: 18/09/2023

I have had the privilege of working at Pear Tree Mead Academy for eight years. During my time at our school, I have gained vast knowledge and experience of our children.

My roles have included working as a year 1 and year 2 teacher and lead for Geography. My current role is a Nursery Teacher, I am passionate about early years and I firmly believe that a good foundation is the key to a good education.

I lead P.E and outdoor learning throughout the school and have embarked on a MA in Early Years Physical Activity and Early Years Outdoor Education.

I hope my knowledge and experience of our school will put me in good stead to work alongside fellow governors and our Head teacher to make our school not just good but outstanding.




Jeemit Patel

Appointed by the full governing body: 15/07/2020

Office Expiry: 15/07/2024

I am a qualified CIMA Accountant and while I was in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic it gave me time to think about my future. I want to help the future generations and make an impact in any way possible and feel bring a volunteer as a school governor is a great way to give back.

I am newly married and I am thinking of having kids soon and the thought of bringing up children in this economic situation is daunting. However, I believe people who work well together for the greater good will help the next generation and that is one reason for me wanting to volunteer.

I bring my finance background where I have worked for a wide range of companies from Network Rail, FTSE 250, start ups, and in financial services.


These Governors are past members of our governing body in the last 12 months

Loredana Dan


If you would be interested in finding out more about becoming a governor or what the governing body do, please make an appointment to meet with the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors. The governoring body meets together once a term as a full team of governors. They also meet on two other occasions during the term in two seperate commitees. These are the PCC (Personnel, Community and Curriculum) and FPA (Finance, Premises and Audit)


Our Current Committees are:

Wendy Beckett – PCC and FPA (CHAIR)

Julie Gallagher – PCC and FPA (VICE CHAIR)

Linda Blackburn – FPA ( Chair)

Stephanie Wise – PCC (Chair)

Doreen Smith – PCC

Kim Mc Combie- FPA

Sarah Martin – PCC

Christine Peden – FPA and PCC

Jeemit Patel – FPA


The meetings for 2020/2021 are set as:


  • PAY COMMITTEE07.10.20 – 8am –  LB,JP,DS, CP
  • PCC COMMITTEE- 7.10.20  20 6.15pm – SW,DS,WB,KM,CP
  • FPA COMMITTEE- 25.11.20 –  6.15pm – LB, WB,SM,CP,JP
  • FGB COMMITTEE- 16.12.20-  6.15pm – LB,DS,CP,KM,SM,SW,JP


  • PCC COMMITTEE- 27.1.21 – 6.15pm
  • FPA COMMITTEE- 24.2.21-6.15pm
  • FGB COMMITTEE- 24.3.21- 6.15pm


  • PCC COMMITTEE – 5.5.21 -6.15pm
  • FPA COMMITTEE- 16.6.21-6.15pm
  • FGB COMMITTEE – 14.7.21-6.15pm


The number of individuals (if any) in your school earning over £100k, in £10k bandings-

There are no members of staff at Pear tree Mead earning over  £100k


You can our dedicated school page on the School’s Financial Benchmarking website by clicking here.


List of Registered Business Interest

Name Business Reason Relation
Christine Peden (accounting officer) HETD




Amwell Fruit Company

Collaborate with HET and Relation Director


Provides fruit at playtime.






Wendy Beckett None None None
Stephanie Wise Essex County Council School link None
Julie Gallagher None None None
Linda Blackburn Pear Tree Mead Academy Staff member and Clerk to Governing Body Daughter
Jeemit Patel Tally On Ltd Director None
Sarah Martin None None None
Kim McCombie None None None

Previous Governors:

Name Business Reason Relation
Loredana Dan None None None

PTM Governing Body Delegation Planner
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PTM Governing Body Report

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Governors report 2018 – 2019

Governors report 2017 – 2018

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Governors report 2014 2015


Letters from Governors 19/20 

Governors Statement July 2020


Trustees Report and Financial Statements

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PTM Academy Trust Report – Period Ending 31st August 2020

PTM Academy Trust Report – Period Ending 31 August 2019

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PTM Academy Trust Report – Period Ending 31 August 2017

PTM Academy Trust Report – Period Ending 31 August 2016

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Academy Credentials 

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Academy Order for Pear Tree Mead

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Governing Body Terms of Reference

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Personnel, Community and Curriculum Committee – Terms of Reference