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Pear Tree Mead Academy
Pear Tree Mead
CM18 7BY

Telephone: 01279 836181

Head Teacher: Mrs Christine Peden

Chair of Governors: Mrs Wendy Beckett

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School Council

School Council

The school council is made up of two children from each class from Years one to six.   They are voted on at the beginning of the year by their peer group.  We have a meeting twice per half term to discuss a variety of issues.

.  We discuss issues from how we can help new parents to the school, raising money for issues  that we feel are important and school rules.

We are going to think about the school vision for the next five years and what we would like to see happen at Pear Tree Mead Academy.


School Counsellors are as follows:-

Nursery Amber Donaldson (yr 6)

Maicey Collins (yr 6)

Reception Lucy Adam (yr 6)

Archie May-Denton (yr 6)

Willow Yr 1 Leia Walker

Charlie Coultrip

Juniper Yr 1 Riley Jones

Alice Rothon

Fir Yr 2 Bowie He

Louie Samy

Mulberry Yr 2 Lacey Mae Wing

Tommy Hayhoe

Larch Yr 3 Leni-Rae

Yoursa Aggouche

Beech Yr 3 Othniel Defor

Ruby Whitmore

Elm Yr 4 Daisy May-Denton

Riley Hampson

Pine Yr 4 Lottie Stephney

Jayden Kalonji

Redwood Yr 5 Senan Phelan

Emily Foucher

Hazel Yr 5/6 Emily Beckett

Korban Doyle

Sycamore Yr 6 Westley Jones

Demi Pite