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Modern Foreign Language

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Welcome to MFL at Pear Tree Mead Academy!

At Pear Tree Mead, we believe that learning a foreign language at Key Stage 2 level, provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for your child.


 The overall aim for Modern Foreign Languages is to enrich learning in creative and purposeful ways for all pupils. We also endeavour to develop the following:

  • To improve pupils’ communication and literacy skills.
  • To develop linguistic competence, extend their knowledge of how language works and explore differences and similarities between French and English.
  • To enhance pupils’ awareness of the multilingual and multicultural world and give them an insight into their own culture and those of others.

In Key Stage 2, children will learn about the life of children in the countries where the target language (French) is spoken. They will be able to identify similarities and differences in everyday life, social conventions, traditional stories and celebrations where the target language is spoken.

Learning a foreign language will also help children to recognise and mistrust stereotypes, and understand and respect cultural diversity which is an important quality of a ‘Terrific’ citizen.

Class Organisation and Teaching Style

During French sessions children are given the opportunity to work as a class, as individuals and as part of a group. The choice of class organisation is determined by the learning task. By its nature MFL will involve lots of interaction with visual, auditory and kinaesthetic prompts. Lessons involve a range of activities but all usually follow the present, practise, produce model when learning vocabulary.


Progression takes the form of increasingly demanding grammatical structures.

At Lower Key Stage 2, children will learn basic vocabulary.

For example, nouns with a definite/indefinite article: le stylo/un stylo the pen/a pen

nouns with appropriate adjective:

un stylo rouge– a red pen

verbs in the first person:j’ai un stylo -I have a pen

verbs in the third person: il/elle a un stylo he/she has a pen

verbs with nouns and adjectives. Il/elle a un stylo rouge he/she has a red pen

 At Upper Key Stage 2, children are gradually asked to respond to longer pieces of French. New vocabulary is often presented not only orally, but also with the written word, giving visual learners and able readers extra access and encouraging all children to make links between the English and the French. Children are encouraged to become confident responding orally before experimenting with writing which they do in many role-play situations.

Have a look at some images we had taken in some events we organised in assocation with the subject here.