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The Importance of Geography

Geography provokes and answers questions about the natural and human worlds, using different scales of enquiry to view them from different perspectives. It develops knowledge of places and environments throughout the world, an understanding of maps, and a range of investigative and problem-solving skills both within and outside the classroom.


Teaching Geography in the Foundation Stage

We teach geography in reception class as an integral part of the topic work covered by the year. We relate geographical aspects of the children’s work to the Learning Outcomes in the Early Years Foundation Stage which underpins the curriculum for children 0 to 5. Geography makes a contribution to the development of each child’s Understanding the World area of the development.

Teaching Geography in Key Stage 1

In Key stage one, geography is about developing knowledge, skills and understanding relating to children’s own environment and the people who live there, and developing an awareness of the wider world. They will carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom. In doing this, they will as geographical questions about people, places and environments and use geographical skills and resources, such as maps and photographs.


Teaching Geography in Key Stage 2

At key stage 2, pupils investigate will have the opportunity to investigate a variety of people, places and environments at different scales in the UK and abroad, and start to make links between different places in the world. They will find out how people affect the environment and how they are affected by it. They will carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom. In doing this, they will ask geographical questions and use geographical skills and resources, such as maps, atlases, aerial photographs and ICT. Wherever possible, children go on trips to enrich and extend their learning and fieldwork skills.


How can you help your child

Young children learn through their senses and experiences. They touch, feel, smell, and taste things. They run and jump and climb. They play imaginary games, and they ask a million questions.

In an everyday walk, these children are beginning to understand how people relate to the Earth, how they change the environment, how weather changes the character of a place, and how one place relates to another through the movement of people, things, and ideas.

Children’s everyday play and experiences give them the basis for the geographic knowledge that they will learn in school. With just a little encouragement and some direction, children will develop the vocabulary, awareness, and curiosity that will help them better understand and learn geography.



Activities to consider:

Read with them – especially about other places and other people.

Keep maps and globes around the house and let your children see you use them.

Look and explore. Go exploring with them and become aware of your surroundings.

Ask questions about what you see. Ask about shape and colour and why things are located in a particular spot.

Talk about the weather and how it changes what you wear and what you can do.

Celebrate your own cultural heritage.

Experiment with other cultures. Eat their food and sing their songs.

Talk about where ideas, products, and people come from.

Travel in different ways: Bus, car, bicycle, subway train. Jumping, running, climbing.



Cultural Dishes 

Lots of the children have shown a big interest in cooking dishes from around the world. Try out some of these great websites which give you facts about different foods from all round the world and links to some delicious recipes. This will mean the children can make and try dishes from a mix of cultures, if you wanted you could also mark off a on a world map all the different things you try out!

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