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Pear Tree Mead Academy
Pear Tree Mead
CM18 7BY

Telephone: 01279 836181

Head Teacher: Mrs Christine Peden

Chair of Governors: Mrs Wendy Beckett

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Children’s Important Jobs at PTM

We have many children at Pear Tree Mead who have very responsible jobs around the school.

We have a school council that meet with Mrs Haigh and help be the pupil voice of the school and help make important decisions.

To see who is on the school council please see their page.

We also have reps for each class that we have here at PTM as well as the Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies who help out around the school.  They also help run our behaviour raffle.

These are

Pear Tree Mead 2018/19 School Councillors



Juniper (Year 1): Charlie Allen & Elsiemay Cooper

Willow (Year 1):Ella Woodington & George McGinley

Fir (Year 2): Evie-Rose Hayton & Bradley Oehme

Mulberry (Year 2): Devon Wilson & Paige Ellis

Beech (Year 3): Lily Baker & Tyler Guinness

Larch (Year 3): Anna Keen & Brandon Preston

Elm (Year 4): Emily New & Alistair Agyei

Pine (Year 4): Harry Chisnell & Mia Wilson

Redwood (Year 5): Richard Seabridge & Cannot be named

Hazel (Year 5/6): Carmen Sunshine & Alfie Godfrey

Sycamore (Year 6): Elena Iona & Conor Osborn


Pear Tree Mead Pupil  2018/19 Wellbeing Team

Beech (Yrat 3): Esme Smith & Tyler Guinness

Larch (Year 3): Anna Keen & Teddy Quick

Elm (Year 4): Teddy Smith & child cannot be named on Website

Pine (Year 4): Lilly Mills & Michael Dewsberry

Redwood (Year 5): Ryan Sealey & Delilah Gammons

Hazel (Year 5/6): Kieran Atherton & Julia Majka

Sycamore (Year 6): Sophie-Grace Lennon  & Finley Druce


Pear Tree Mead 2018/19 Pupil Leadership Team

Head Boy: Harry New

Head Girl : Millie Evans

Deputy Head Boy: Joel Defor

Deputy Head Girl: Maya Pearce


Pear Tree Mead 2018/19 House Captains

Poppy: Sophie-Grace Lennon & Yousef Aggouche

Daffodil: Abi Dukes & Ashton Andrews

Clover: Ryley Clark & Karis Walker

Bluebell: Megan Norris & Lawrence Osagie-Ighadaro


Pear Tree Mead 2018/19 Other Leadership Roles

Assembly Monitors: Megan Ingram,  Demi Pite & Michaela Hayward

FOPTM Reps; Arthur Hawkins & Jayden Almond

House Point Monitors: Tristan Thira & Elena Iona

Sport Reps: Jayden Alade-Mason ,Abbey Younie & Grace Stevens


All of these children have had to apply in writing for their jobs and have attended an interivew with the Headteacher and Deputy Head.