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Phased Return Week 3 & 4

We are writing to the parents of Yr R, 1 and 6 with regards to the phased reopening of school.

We have now been open to children in these year groups last week and this week. We are now offering parents a chance to reconsider their decision. We have had some very positive feedback from parents and children who have already returned.

As a school we now need to look at numbers of children who would like to return to school on the week beginning the 15th June. This is so that we can add to our previous bubbles to make them up to 15 or make new bubbles if numbers go over 15. Reception will still be able to attend for 1 day and Yr 1 and Yr 6 will be able to attend for 2 days.

Please be aware that if new bubbles are created then children may be attending on different days to the present.

Please reply on the app by 12.00pm on Wednesday 10th June to request a place for next week. If we do not hear from you we will assume that you do not want to apply for a place.

If your child has currently been attending please also reply with a yes decision so that we know that you still want a space.

If you decide that next week you do not want to send your child in yet, we will be writing to you in 2 weeks time again to offer places to children for the week commencing Monday 29th June. If you have any questions please email Mrs Townsend.