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Pear Tree Mead Academy
Pear Tree Mead
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Telephone: 01279 836181

Head Teacher: Mrs Christine Peden

Chair of Governors: Mrs Wendy Beckett

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Our School App

As you are already aware we are now paperless, this has been successful in the main, however for this to be a complete success and for parents to be fully informed we ask that you download the app. If you haven’t already, it is really important that you have selected the right class for your child for this academic year. The messages we post are posted to specific year groups and classes and failure to keep this selection up to date could result in missed notifications. During a recent report we showing us the statistics of downloads, we see that some classes have only 50% download on the class size.


If for some reason, you are unable to download the app, we ask that you take responsibility to keep afloat of the information by coming to the office to collect letters regularly. We will continue to send this information to you via email, but ask that you ensure you keep us updated with the correct email address. We will soon be sending home student update forms for you to amend and this will give you an opportunity to ensure that we hold the correct email address for you.


In addition to the letters and reminders that we share via the app and email, we want to share celebration and success with you. We have some new initiatives this year, our thank you box which is located in the front office, is a way of being able to share a thank you to any of our stakeholders be it, parents, pupils, staff or governors. If you want to show appreciation to an individual please complete a green slip and post it in the box. The recipient of the thank you will receive a certificate in assembly and we plan to share these thank you’s via the app and make a book with the slips in to be kept at the front office. We also have introduced two golden books, one is to support our new system of our branches and life skills, when a pupil reaches a branch of the Pear Tree and displays one of our adopted life skills, the other to celebrate good behaviour. We will share the children’s success in our golden books and plan to share these celebrations along with Head teacher’s awards via the app and in our Monday assembly. We will use the consent you have already given us for website permission to determine whether to publish your child’s name or photo on our app.


For example, if you have given full consent for use on the website, we will take this as permission for the same use on the app. If you have restrictions, such as no photo or no name, we will use the same restriction on the app. We will not publish names of photos or parents or other visitors as we cannot obtain permission, so if you would like to view the thank you’s for this group, please look at the book available in the office. If you wish to review the consent you have already provided us with, in light of the use of the app, we ask that you contact us by Friday 28th September. After this date will publish names and photos as explained above.


Whilst we have been reviewing the consent data we hold, we are changing the way in which we gain consent for local sports events and visits. At the moment the consent we hold for your children, which was signed upon induction to the school is for local consent within walking distance. We want to extend this to minibus trips within Harlow, such as to the Leisure zone or to our many sporting events. Mrs McCombie in her new role as Sports and outdoor Learning Teacher has many exciting sports events planned throughout the year. After Friday 28th September, we will no longer ask for individual permission every time a tournament or local visit is attended. We will of course notify you that your child will be leaving school grounds and will do so via emailed letter in the usual way. As these letters will no longer contain a permission slip, we will use the medical data and the emergency contact numbers we hold for your child within our school records. We ask that you ensure this information is always up to date, update forms will soon be coming out to Years 1-6 to give you a chance to review the data we hold. However we ask that you always notify us of any changes to your details as soon as they happen.


If a trip extends beyond Harlow or a coach needs to be provided we will of course, ask for full permission in the same way as we have done so before.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions with regards to any of the information above.