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End of Term Plan Update

I am writing to you with an update on school information.


Thank you

Thank you for all of your hard work with your child’s home learning over the last few weeks.  I know that this has been a challenging time for us all and you have all been working so hard with your children at home.  I will remind parents that the most important part of being at home with your child is supporting their mental health and happiness.  We know that some children will have fallen behind with their learning, but we have a recovery plan in place to support children with their education when they return to school.

Home learning packs will continue to come out to you every two weeks until the end of term.   If you need a new book for the work to be completed in, then please come to the school office and they are outside in a box.


Home Learning Support

Please carry on sending your child’s work or activities into our celebrations email as we love seeing what the children have been up to.  Please ask if you require an encouraging message returned to you if your child needs this.   If you are having any problems with logins, then please email our home learning email and we will be able to help you.  Any other enquires about school need to go to Mrs Townsend.  Please remember that all our members of our Family Support Team are available to provide extra help if needed.


Special Events

As we lead up to the end of term, we usually have lots of fun events going on.  We are currently working around what these will look like.  Please watch out for more information on these events.  E.g. A virtual sports day or a Creative maths Day.


Phased return to school

This week the Government made a U-turn on their decision to ask schools to take back all children before the summer holidays.  We are therefore not taking back any more year groups before the holidays.  We will be continuing to invite back Year R, 1 and 6 and these decisions will be reviewed every 2 weeks.  Class bubbles are expanding and therefore some children returning will not be placed with their class teacher and will be with a teacher from another year group.  We will be continuing with our key worker class until the end of term, taking bookings weekly for this.


End of Term

The last day of term will be Friday 17th July apart from for Year 6 children.   This includes the key worker children.


Year 6 leavers

A separate letter will be coming out to year 6 parents about the last 3 days of term and the activities that we have planned for all Year 6 children. (Monday 20th July, Tuesday 21st July and Wednesday 22nd July)

We also have another event that we will let you know about on Monday 13th July.


Teacher Phone Calls

Teachers will be phoning to speak to children next week.  They will call the numbers that they did previously, and this may come from a withheld number.  They will try twice to get through to speak to you and your child.


Thank you for your friendship requests for children for classes next year.  We are working through these at the moment and putting children into new classes.  Unfortunately, not all requests can be fulfilled.

In July you will receive a letter for your child from their new teacher and a transition power point giving you and your child all the information that you usually get on change over day and opening evening.  Please read this through with them so that they are being prepared for their new class and teacher.

We will be asking you to complete a transition passport / activity with your child so that they can send these to their new teacher.  More information will come to you in July.

Before the end of the year you will receive a phone call for your child from their new teacher.


End of Year school reports.

We will be sending home end of year school reports for those children in Early Years.  No other school data will be sent as you have already got the most up to date data for your child in their mid-year school report.


I hope that this has updated you on the information that you may have needed about the rest of the school year.  We are waiting on Government advice about what September will look like and we will let you know as soon as we know.


Many thanks


Mrs Peden