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What are we learning?+

This term, we will continue to focus on our general wellbeing around the school.  At the beginning of the year, we invited parents and guardians in to share how we can improve our mental health by using strategies outlined in the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ as well as incorporating a ‘Let’s Get Active’  activity into our daily routine such as Mile Monday, Training Tuesday etc.  With regards to our school ethos, the skills branch for this half-term ‘Togetherness Rabbit’ will mean that we will be encouraging our pupils to work more as a team.  We will also continue to include outdoor learning opportunities where possible.


This term, we ask that you continue to support the school as much as possible with homework and reading at home.  We will continue to set homework in Sycamore on a Monday, in Redwood class on a Tuesday and in Hazel class on a Thursday.  Homework should be handed in the following week on those days. Spellings will continue to be tested on the same day that homework is due in.  Please make sure that the homework is done by your child and handed in on time. We will continue to offer a homework club and of course, we are also available to help them if they are unsure of the tasks they need to do.


Reading diaries will be checked on the same day that homework is due and pupils who are evidently reading at home will be rewarded.  We cannot reiterate enough how important it is that your child is reading at home, as well as practicing times tables, squared and cubed numbers.  These are essential skills for your child to make progress and they will be tested on a weekly basis.


Through our experience topic this term ‘Carnival’, pupils will learn about life in Latin America and will compare and contrast the historical origins of the countries and amazing cultural events that take place in that part of the world with the culture of Great Britain.  In Geography, they will learn about the countries of South and Central America and the type of weather patterns and geographical features that are prominent there, as well as the languages spoken.  In History, pupils will learn about the Aztec civilisation, one of the ancient civilisations who introduced many products that we still use in modern society.  In D.T, pupils will learn how to prepare food from Central America.  In Art, a habitat of their choice, will be selected from Latin America, and will form the basis for developing their skills of sketching and drawing wildlife.   ICT this term will focus on web artist skills, focusing on animals and habitats of Latin America and architect skills, which will focus on the buildings of the Aztec empire. In  PSHE, pupils will be learning about relationships and coping with difficult emotions.  In R.E, pupils will be learning about Sikhism and and will compare and contrast different religions, and in French, pupils will learn about life in France and compare and contrast it with life in Great Britain and Latin America.


In Science, pupils will be learning about Evolution and Adaptation and will be carrying out interesting experiments to test certain theories.  In the latter half of this term, pupils will be further investigating Living Things and their independence in regards to other species.


In English, we will be writing ‘fantasy’ stories, play-scripts, instructional texts and poetry. By exploring various texts during English sessions, we will give the children the opportunity to discover and experience various different styles of writing for themselves, whilst comparing and contrasting.


There will be daily SPAG sessions which will focus on spellings or grammatical terms, in preparation for the end of Year 6 SPAG paper.  We ask that you support your child with the learning of spellings at home as this will help them in their writing.


Maths will continue with practical activities involving Number, Shape, Space and Measure, as well as regular lessons dedicated to developing pupil’s arithmetic skills. We ask that you encourage your child at home to develop their times tables knowledge using Times Tables Rock Stars, including learning their squared and cubed numbers, as this will help greatly in helping them to become more confident learners in the classroom.


This term children will continue to take part in many PE areas, mostly game based activities and gymnastics. It is essential that children have their PE kit in school every day; this includes an outdoor kit – joggers and a jumper, especially in this cold weather. Please ensure that children have appropriate kit and that all jewellery is removed for lessons.


Swimming will begin for the Year 6 pupils at Stewards pool in the next few weeks, which we will shortly notify you about.  We ask that you make a contribution to go towards covering the costs of transport to the pool and the lessons run by a trained instructor.


As always, we will continue to develop children’s ‘Growth Mind-set’, by reminding them to be positive learners and develop a healthy attitude to learning. As a team, we also encourage children to try hard to meet new challenges and push themselves by being more resilient and striving to do their best. If you have any concerns, please come in and speak to one of the Year 5/6 team and we will gladly assist you as much as possible.

How can you help?+


It is incredibly important in year 5/6, children become very fluent with their times tables. They are the key to successful calculation at this level. They will have regular mental maths tests to prepare them for SATs at the end of the year, and these will also depend on quick times tables recall. Multiplication tables can be learnt at home, and this would help the children immensely in their numeracy sessions.

The following websites will help support your learning in all areas of year 5/6 numeracy:

Here are some times tables games to help

Times Tables Games

Reading Times Tables Games

It is still important for Year 5/6 children to read at home to increase their vocabulary and cement their reading comprehension. Reading for pleasure is extremely important to develop fluency so the children should read regularly. A wider range of texts should be encouraged to include non-fiction works. Newspaper articles, bioraphies and autobiographies are all text types which will help the children to access the Year 6 curriculum and aid in their written work for the year. We will hear them read occasionally in school, but the main body of their reading practice should take place at home.


The children will have regular spelling tests to check their progress and prepare them for the spelling test in SATS. At home, try to encourage your children to learn spellings in a fun way. Here are some good ways…

1) Write them in the air. When they can do it with their normal writing hand, swap to the other hand (this engages both sides of the brain).

2) Write them with your finger on your child’s back, as you say each letter. Then get them to guess what you are spelling. When they are more confident, they can write on your back.

3) Do it in small chunks. If your child is getting bored, cross or stressed, come back to it later. This means that it is best not left to the night before the test.

4) Say them over and over out loud. Encourage the child to repeat after you in a soft/loud/high/low/silly voice. The sillier the better – make them laugh!

5) Get them to teach someone else (younger brother or sister/grandparent). The more people involved in the learning, the higher status it will have.

Use as many of the above as possible. Mix and match and vary it. They include visual, audio and kinaesthetic activities. By varying the learning style, you will be engaging more areas of the child’s brain and they will be more likely to remember the words.

Spelling Games

Information for parents+

Information for parents: leaflet and video launched

The DfE have published a leaflet and short video for parents about 2019 assessments at key stages 1 and 2.

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