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Head Teacher: Mrs Christine Peden

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What are we learning?+

In the Summer term our experience topics will be Africa and WOW. To introduce the children to the experience we have talked to them about what they would like to learn, therefore this experience is very child led and will be lots of fun.


  • In History the children will be learning lots of different historical skills . They will be learning these skills when learning about the historical event of their choice. They will learn about famous persons from history, and will be finding out how different events have changed world over time.
  • In PE the children will be doing dance, swimming and gymnastics along with some other sports at different times. They will be learning about how to be healthy and the effect exercise has on our bodies.
  • In Science, the children will be learning to work scientifically and will be completing lots of different science investigations. They have 4 different areas of learning they will be completing before the end of year 1; materials, the senses, plants, and animals (terms they will be taught are t.b.c)
  • There will be lots of roleplay, story and real life learning opportunities for the children.
  • In computing the children will be discussing e-safety and the importance of this. They will be learning about programming and ‘algorithms’, using programmable toys. Plus if we have time, with support they will be learning to find images on the internet, copy and paste them, and print them.
  • In music the children will be learning about pitch and rhythm. They will also be learning the basis of African drumming.
  • In SMSC and PSHE the children will be carrying out work on our remaining school values; Resilience and Togetherness.
  • In geography the children will be revising their knowledge about compass directions, learning about habitats and they will be making their own weather reports.
  • In Art, the children will be creating a variety of pieces using a mixture of materials and styles. This will be closely linked to African culture.
  • In RE the children will be starting to learn about Buddhism and Islam.
  • In DT the children will be making mechanisms.
  • In English there will be a big focus on phonics and writing.
  • In Mathematics the children will be learning about number, addition and subtraction, and lots of space and measure areas.
  • We will be continuing to develop the children’s growth mind-set. They are doing really well at this so far and we will be continuing to encourage the children to be positive learners and develop a good attitude to learning.


Homework will be set half termly and we will be using the same homework web system as last term. You can pick each week which activities you choose to complete.  It is extremely important that the children complete their homework as it will consolidate the learning they are doing in class. Remember we do have a homework club which you can sign up for.


We would like to encourage the children to be reading frequently at home.  You can change your children’s books any day after school in the library.


Willow and Juniper
Reading books  

You can change the books any day after school.


Spellings will be distributed on Monday and the spelling test will take place on Wednesday following week (This way there is more time to practice. Please practise reading and writing these at home)


Please get the children to hand them in on Mondays, they will be marked and handed back by Tuesday.


For this half term Swimming will be on a Tuesday. It is £1.50 per child. Please send them in with kit.


For this half term

Juniper and Willow now have PE on a Thursday

Please leave kit on their pegs.


Thank you for your cooperation last term, the children settled in very well and did brilliantly last term. If you have any concerns, our doors are always open to chat; please wait until children have all been released and the adult is available then they will happily speak to you.

How can you help?+

There are lots of exciting ways that you can help your child at home with their key skills.  This page contains some useful ideas and website links.


So that your child maintains good progress in reading, we strongly encourage regular reading activities take place at home. Children enjoy being read to and with, so please make time in your busy schedules to help your child.

* Listen to your child read as often as possible. Support them, praise great reading and help them further by asking questions about what they have read.

*  You reading to your child would be another valuable opportunity. By sharing a variety of texts and demonstrating your love of reading it will interest your child. You could also play audio stories for them to listen to or show story videos. The internet contains a selection of these e.g. Julia Donaldson Stories  and  Story Line Online . Explore youtube for more!

Please record in their reading diaries whenever reading at home takes place. It is important that children have their reading diaries and books at school every day.

Click on the link below on receiving extra support and advice on how to improve your child’s reading:

Springboard: A Parent’s Little Guide to Helping Children Read


This document has a fantastic selection of activity ideas which you can use to help engage your child with their weekly spellings. Frequent practise of the high frequency words which you recieved in the parent pack would also benefit from using these activities:

Fun spelling activity ideas!


This video shows how to pronounce all the sounds your child will need to know for phonics:

Sounds Video

These phonics mats show some of the sounds your child has been learning, lots of word games linked to these sounds would benefit their learning:

Phase 2 Phonics Sound Chart

Phase 3 Phonics Sound Chart

Phase 5 Phonics Sound Chart

Check out some of these phonics game websites by clicking on the links:


Youtube provides lots of additional phonics songs and videos to support the learning of different sounds and reading and writing of words for each sound.





Knowing and undertstanding how to count in 2s,5s and 10s is an important skill, therefore lots of practise and reciting of counting up in multiples would benefit your child. The 2s 5s and 10s timestables are the next hugely important skills for your child to learn.

Here are a variety of video links to support timestable development:

2 times tables videos     5 times tables videos       10 times tables videos

Plus click here for lots of fun timestable games:

        Times table games       More times table games 

Once they are confident try testing your child timestables out of order.


Also check out the following links for other learning websites:

Please use the login details below to get accesss to the Busy Things website:

Username: home5826

Password: peartree

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