2014/2015 Pupil Premium

Initial summary of spending and actions taken:

The speaking, listening, reading and writing of English is always a priority for the school.  Support has been put in place throughout the school to deliver intervention programmes and to support children in Early Years with their day to day welfare. The extra support in the nursery allows the teacher and experienced teaching assistants to focus on developing speaking and listening skills.

Each phase (KS1/LKS2/UKS2) has an intervention TA, not class based, to support children’s development in reading, writing and maths. These sessions take place outside of the mathematics/English lesson, allowing identified children to have one-to-one/small group sessions with a trained TA addressing an area of weakness or building on skills. New intervention programmes have been put into place for all children who need support – rapid reading, writing and maths.

The new curriculum centres on age related expectation by year group, providing the need for separate year group classes, particularly in KS1. Therefore to improve attainment and progress we have separated the two year groups and incorporated another class into KS1, making two year 1 classes and two year 2 classes. Not only will the year groups be split but the class sizes will decrease considerably, allowing for further support from teachers and teaching assistants. From the KS1 refurbishment, the learning environment has been improved immensely allowing children to have greater access to resources.

Another key issue that affects children’s learning occurs when they have emotional or social disruptions at home or at school.  Two learning mentors have been working at the school for the past few years and funding for them has come through other, now ceased, funding.  The pupil premium funding is now being used to pay for these learning mentors.

As a proportion of our PP children have special educational needs, part of our PP funding goes towards the cost of the Inclusion Manager.

Homework underpins learning in class and can be a barrier to good/accelerated progress if this work is not completed, therefore to support pupils and parents with their homework activities we have implemented several clubs where children have the opportunity to attend and get support with their homework if necessary. To support parents further with their morning routine we have put in place a breakfast club which all children are welcome to attend. PP funding is used to ensure that all children with this entitlement can attend breakfast club for free and are personally invited.

All classes are paired with another, within which the individual pupils have been partnered up. These partnerships have been put in place using the knowledge teachers have of their pupils. Peer tutoring is being used to extend learning in reading, writing, maths and PE.



Record of PPG spending by item/project 2014/15


Estimated Cost

Welfare support in nursery class 6,000
Lunchtime provision – teaching assistant

(summer term 2013)

New Building 50,000
Lunchtime provision – MDA x2 4,880
EWO 2,000
Learning mentors 15,000
KS1 refurbishment 5,000
Intervention teaching assistant support x3


Breakfast club and homework club subsidiary


Bio-dome 5,000
Inclusion manager 10,000


Total PPG received £144,300
Total PPG expenditure £133,580
PPG remaining £10,720